Virtual Open Houses

Virtual Open House listings

If you don’t wish to open your your actual house, you may like to take part in the AOH festival as a Virtual Open House.

£100 package: Virtual Open Houses appearing on the AOH website only. This option is available until the start of the AOH Winter festival: 25th November 2022.


As well as an image and listing description Virtual Open House listings comprise:

Online Gallery: A dedicated gallery showing twelve images of your work with a link to your email, phone number, Etsy or website, so that visitors to the site can buy work directly from you.

Video link: You will also be able to make and upload a video to your listing, showing samples of work, the processes of making and ideas behind your work.

Galleries images and video links can be updated at any time up to and during the festival period.

To take out a Virtual Open House listing, begin registration as usual

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