Visitors tell us what they liked best about their favourite Open House!

Ceramic House – Photo: Syl Ojalla

We asked visitors to tell us which Open Houses they liked the best and why. This is what they told us:

‘The artwork was displayed in a stunning manner. After going to open houses for years this was the first time I have bought art work. Best house I’ve ever seen.’

‘Moving expressions of Artists exploring their very personal stories of Light and Hope in a variety of media in this beautifully curated exhibition. There are clear distinct voices and also a dialogue in colours, sound, movement and textures between the art works. Particularly interesting to me this year is the gorgeous garden installation on a Sea and Conservation theme and the 4 digital pieces… I found myself at times calmed, empathetic and awed at the artistry of creating, dynamic morphing shapes and sounds in the telling of the stories. Heartening to see Encounters and AOH embracing and even lead – so stylishly – this leap into the virtual world that we are collectively taking.’

Miladys Parego’s garden installation at Encounters Open House 

‘Great setting, including summer house exhibition and tasty refreshments.’

‘Being able to see the print studio as well as the art that was created there.’

‘Fab house with a brilliant selection of artists. All Covid procedures clearly signposted and the host very welcoming. Needs to be a must in the annual open houses calendar!’

358 Ditchling Road – Photo: Syl Ojalla

‘Really lovely atmosphere. Shown around the studio, given an explanation of the work, met some of the potters. Massive variety of work & range of prices (from affordable to aspirational). Watched a demo & had a go at raku firing outside in the sunshine!’

‘Beautiful and varied artwork on show, cohesive theme – “light and hope” – was present throughout, but showcased in many different ways. Interactive exhibitions and several of the artists were present – all eager to share meanings and inspirations of their work’

‘A fantastic mix of artists. The host were incredibly friendly. I loved that they wrote “We hope you will leave feeling happier than when you arrived!” I think everyone does. Well done everyone’


The Box House – Photo: Syl Ojalla

‘Small but packed with really cool and unusual creations, ranging from prints and t-shirts to ceramics and metal bird baths. All very coherently put together and affordable. Also loved that the team includes a mother and daughter and her partner. A real family affair! We enjoyed talking to them about their work.’

‘The size of this open house may be modest compared to many others, but the ambition and sense of community is large. Under the roof of a beautifully-lit Hove garden flat we found an endless sense of imagination, craft and shared ideas.’

‘These girls have smashed their first open house! Amazing atmosphere and beautiful pieces of art. Well done!!!’

Georgia Flowers at 10 Scott Road – Photo: Syl Ojalla

‘I liked the themes of light hope with some wonderful paintings embracing this.’

‘I really enjoyed seeing the paintings in Becky’s house. Becky was very welcoming and she was open to talking through her paintings and choices of colour, which enabled me to learn something new. Her paintings are full of life and show a varied combination of colours, which evoke different emotions and sensations in the observer.’

‘I love this open house because of its eclectic and quirky mix of arts and crafts and for the friendly atmosphere.’

Dion Salvador Lloyd’s Open House – Photo: Syl Ojalla

‘It’s the most incredible place to visit and to be part of. Artists and visitors feel really comfortable, they show a lot of brilliant artists, from known ones to those that are just growing. I think they really care about art, not only names. I love it.’

‘Ramshackle and unique, lovely mix of arts and crafts, earthy, friendly and brilliantly tucked away.’

Becky Blair’s Open Houses -Photo: Syl Ojalla

‘A great welcome and extremely well organised for Covid safety. The selection of work is high quality and curated and displayed with refinement. That it is an artist’s house with friends gives the show sincerity rather than it being just a ‘shop’.’

‘A very welcoming house with a beautifully curated artworks from local artists, a beautiful garden and delicious cakes!!!’

358 Ditchling Road -Photo: Syl Ojalla

‘It’s refreshing to see a working studio on the trail. I’ve always wondered what was behind those amazing doors.’

‘The art in this house was very well curated and displayed. A lot of thought had clearly gone into it and it had a valid message and made a statement about environmental and issues affecting the world at this time. There was an impressive range of art works in a range of different media. The team “on duty” were welcoming and informative.’

‘Loved the cats. Especially the big real one!’

Gary Goodman paintings at 1 Rigden Road Open House
Photo: Syl Ojalla

Have a great summer- see you all next festival!