We asked our wonderful artists who took part in the May 2019 AOH festival for feedback on their experiences.

We asked: ‘What extra and unexpected benefits did you receive from taking part in the Open Houses festival?’

‘I was invited to contact a London gallery to discuss options for taking my work forward.’

‘It was useful for making contacts for illustration work as well as for artists meeting each other and planning further events for sales opportunities.’

‘One of my artists was approached by two local Brighton and Hove galleries.’

‘I’ve been invited to show in a group exhibition in London in September.’

‘I gained a commission from a visitor and developed my contact lists.’

‘Two of us got stockists for our work, and we all made numerous positive connections with customers, other artists and outlets.’

‘I got an offer to show as a guest artist in another house next year, plus some portrait commissions.’


‘We got commissions, teaching work and built a new audience. We had a lot of ‘accidental’ visitors, who did not plan to visit an open house, but came across it and ventured in.’

‘I personally have received 6 portrait commissions and have been approached by galleries wanting to represent my work. I was also fortunate to have been awarded the Artist of the Year award and will make good use of the 100 free prints from Gemini Print!’

We asked artists to tell us about their experience of taking part in the AOH festival this year”

‘It was our first open house and a massive undertaking, but proved very enjoyable – visitors told us they found our show inspirational! As my partner and I hosted the house it took a lot of planning, but we were able to ask for advice from more experienced Open House artists and we felt we were well prepared for the opening. However, we hadn’t appreciated how exhausting it would be! All artists participated in the invigilation and all sold work!’

‘The most positive year so far – in terms of attendance, sheer breadth of creativity and effort by artists and visitors alike. The buzz around the city was palpable!’

‘This was my first Artists Open House and it was a very good experience. I found the other Open House artists helpful and supportive. Many people attended and, as a newish Hove resident, I met many folk from the local community.’

‘Exhausting but gratifying! Success depends on having a good team willing to share the effort. The delivery of brochures during the festival worked really well.’

‘I found people were very interested in finding out about my ceramics, how I made them, mixing my own glazes and the firing process. I still enjoy making ceramics so will continue to open my house.’

‘It was the first time we had opened and we were really busy every weekend, with all artists exhibiting making sales. It was a great experience all round, and will definitely do it again next year.’

‘I had very good feedback from visitors about how much they loved the space (my garage newly converted into a studio/gallery). I performed live music, which was also enjoyed by visitors and which attracted them to come in. People loved the sketchbooks on display and spent a lot of time browsing through them.’

‘As a new house we found the AOH support and guidance outstanding. A very enjoyable experience and a great opportunity to discuss the art techniques as well as sell work.’

‘This year was more sociable as I had more artists. I loved our local trail and they were very helpful. We had tea and cake and that went down very well.’

‘I found this year to be quite different from the past two years. A new sense of consciousness I can’t quite put into words; many conversations about love, tenderness, emotion, awakening to something beyond the everyday norm – over all a lot of LOVE. I found it really quite extraordinary.’

‘It gives us a chance to meet and gain appreciation from outside. It offers a purpose or challenge to completing work.’

‘Just to say a huge thank you AOH for everything you do and all your amazing hard work and help in all aspects of putting on the Artists Open Houses. Its such a brilliant opportunity to get work seen and to make a well needed bit of income for my family, the best I’ve found so far in my short career as a fine artist!’

And a big thank you from us at AOH to all our wonderful artists for creating amazing work and putting on such brilliant Open Houses.

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Image Credit: Idil Ceren Bozkurt