We hear about Montefiore Artists new projects -including an appreciation of being human

Two ladies (inspired by Paul Gauguin) – Mario Antoon

What is the focus of the Montefiore exhibition this year and how is the artists’ work selected?
Our focus this year has been on Inclusion with our Inclusion conference which ran in parallel with the Artist Open House for a week 09.05.2022.

During the lockdowns we needed to change some of the ways we worked and this led to our artists accessing their work through individual folders to reduce the need for sharing materials. As a consequence, we have mainly been working in sketch books and on paper-based activities. Our exhibition reflects this way of working.

As we build on the variety of activities we can offer as we open up again, we will be returning to our full array of activities to include; the ever-popular Mosaics, Textiles, Photography and Printing.

We have a mini exhibition of a collaborative project which ran earlier this year with the CCA gallery and MA students on the Inclusive Arts Practice course:
Working together with CCA Gallery – Grace Eyre (grace-eyre.org)

Can you tell us about the films you are showing and how they reflect aspects of the artists’ lives?
We are showcasing three short films which challenge us to re-think our perception of Disability:

RE-THINK DIS-ABILITY A film to challenge perception and change priority. We wanted to humanise people ahead of their preconceived judgemental label. So we asked people with all types of different abilities and disabilities to tell us about them, and tell us what they wanted most. There is a negative stigma and unfair prejudice around the disability label that we aim to make people re-think.


ReThink Disability – Grace Eyre (grace-eyre.org)

ALEX A film made by the Sharing Our Voices project. It explores the history of people with learning disabilities and/ or autism, and the life and work of Grace Eyre Woodhead. A group of people with learning disabilities and/or autism starred in this film, wrote the script, and composed music for the film which reflects on what has and hasn’t changed for people with learning disabilities and/or autism. Many thanks to the National Lottery Heritage Fund and Lawson Trust for their support.

See: ALEX 

BEING (Re-Think Disability) A film by Jania Marquez-Lopez. The storytelling in the film aims to spread a very important message to eliminate prejudice and social exclusion through an appreciation of life and the real meaning of being human.




You also have some interactive activities for visitors to Montefiore to join in. Can you tell us a bit about them?
This year we have a couple of self initiated art activities that are available to visitors:

  • mindful colouring using one of the artists images for inspiration
  • collage continuing with the paper-based theme which has been a popular session in our recent programme

When you visit, please take a moment to walk around our garden which has been recently looked after by our allotment volunteer group!

QR codes: We have some QR codes dotted around the exhibition which link to videos of some of our artist’s talking about their work. Do look out for them when you visit and scan the code on your smart phone.

Montefiore artists are a special and valued part of the AOH festival and have been taking part for very many years; what does taking part in AOH mean to you and what benefits does it bring?

‘We show people around’ Robert

‘It’s alright!’ Zena

Sharing our space during the weekends in May, being part of our community and opening our doors to welcome the public in is important to us. As an organisation working with people with learning disabilities and autism, we strive to break down barriers. Being part of the Artist Open House helps us to do this.

Have a look at our website for the Montefiore Artists page, scroll down and you can see the videos where the artists talk about the work and also visit our online gallery.


Montefiore Artists – Grace Eyre (grace-eyre.org)

Is there anything else you would like to tell us
Look out for our Art Studio upstairs in the Open Market for exhibitions in the summer and autumn and maybe see you there for the Christmas Open House this year!

We are so happy to be open this year and would love to see you for the last weekend of the Open House 2022!!

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