Week Two Round Up: Sunny Days!

Sunny days, warm weather – a perfect combination for wandering the Artists Open House this past weekend.  So many great houses to see and explore.  Here are
just a few highlights from the Kemptown and Fiveways side of things.  It’s hard to see everything and even harder to pick just a few – both trails are rich in fantastic houses.

Thomas Rainford – Kemptown #1 – 8 Arundel Mews, off Arundel Place

Wonderful work, beautifully curated featuring a mix of works such as illustration, watercolour, letterpress works and paintings.

Kate’s Pantry – Kemptown #2 – 5 Arundel Mews.

Don’t have to wander too far to enjoy Kate’s Pantry – great signage makes it easy to find and everything is knitted and crocheted.  Delightful!#11 Garden David Price copy 2

Four Knoyle Rd and 2 Knoyle – Fiveways #13 & 14 – 4 Knoyle Rd and 2 Knoyle Rd.

It’s a street party-like atmosphere on Knoyle Rd as these two houses are full to the brim with creativity, music, lively gardens and of course some fantastic work.  Paintings by Christina Reading, Irene Marot and Clair Hicks adorn the walls and sculpture by Belinda Coyne in the garden.  Follow the chalk mark directions on the pavement to number two and a house full of ceramics by Angela Evans and Jola Spytkowska, bone china lamps by Linda Calvert and the garden was magnificent on Sunday: full of people enjoying art and sunshine.

Also visited this weekend in Fiveways: Eva Wibberley and Friends (#11) 24 Harrington Villas,  Stuart Bullen, Mark Findlay and Friends (#15) 23 Cornwall Gardens and Media Conflux (#8)  35 Chester Terrace.  All of these houses are full of great work – original paintings, affordable prints and some outstanding ceramics.  David Price sculptures at Eva Wibberly in the garden are quiet compelling.  Jessica Jordan’s ceramics at #15 combine a beautiful modern and earthy aesthetic and Diane Rogers’ textiles at Media Conflux are a mesmerising tribute to the colours of the seaside.

artists on move Kiki Stickl copyArtists on the Move – #3 Independent – 105 Waldengrave Rd.  An airy space featuring original paintings by Kiki Stickl and prints by Ian Brown, Tashi Tondrup, and Pamela Aldrige.  Head out to the shed and spend some time getting lost in Oliver Hein’s video installation.

Can’t get away without mentioning Art at 202 – #2 Fiveways, The House of Mander- #6 Fiveways, The Big Forest Emporium – #1 Beyond the Level – and still a more to visit!