What you loved best about visiting Artists Open Houses!

Ceramic  House (photo: Syl Ojalla)

We asked you to tell us what you loved best about visiting Artists Open houses – and here is the really wonderful feedback:

‘I love to see Brighton from different viewpoints and to see the amazing work of artists and artisans that we have locally.’

‘All of it! Definitely coming back. I love being able to engage with the artists, buy their work, explore the buildings and surroundings. Fabulous in every way! Please keep doing this.’

‘It is uplifting seeing artists and designers making some or part of their living from their work.’

Welbeck Open House (photo: Syl Ojalla)

The opportunity to see artists who otherwise might not get their art seen.’

‘Getting to meet the artists themselves.’

‘I love looking at the vast range of different art work. It encouraged me to buy original artwork for the first time!’

‘It’s an introduction to local artists and making new connections with local people.’

‘The highlight of season!’

Rapture Open House (photo: Syl Ojalla)

‘Seeing the huge array of pieces that are available to buy that you never get to see in our local galleries.’

‘Seeing art & crafts of local people in a home setting rather than a gallery.’

‘The art is great but meeting the artists really makes it special.’

‘Finding art I love – it’s the access that counts, given the paucity of galleries in this city.’

Ceramic House (photo: Syl Ojalla)

‘I love the endless talent and imagination and zest for life and art.’

The glimpse into the artists’ world, to feel their passion for their art in a more homely way.’

‘Seeing the mix of work, the artists talking about their work and why they were inspired to paint. It’s a wonderful mix of Brighton and Hove life through the eyes of artists.’

‘Following a  trail, is a great way to spend an afternoon or morning.’

Encounters Open House (photo: Syl Ojalla)

‘For me it’s the bright colours and displays in each Open House. You can truly see how passionate artists are about their artwork and how ardently they want to showcase their talents. What I love is to discover a new, fresh and lesser known artist, because they are still very humble about their creations and are really kind and love to talk about what they enjoy producing.’

‘The Open House festival is life enhancing – a fledgling ‘maker’ can exhib alongside world renowned artists – the variety just adds to the richness.’

‘It is an extraordinary event, available  to everyone and the art scene goes beyond.’

‘Experiencing the exceptional level of creativity in Brighton.’

Laura Waldusky Open House (photo: Syl Ojalla)

Seeing new art work as presented by the artists themselves and also seeing inside the houses is cool too.’

I love the variety of arts that local artists create and finding that unique item for myself or a gift. Knowing they are bespoke makes them special.’

‘I love going on a journey through Brighton & Hove, discovering and seeing so many beautiful works of artists. Every place feels different.’

‘Learning about the creativity behind the work. Speaking to the artists and seeing their lives shows me how creative our city really is.’

A Room of our Own Open House (photo: Syl Ojalla)

‘Every year there is more and more talent collected in neighbourhoods, creating a real sense of community and pride in our city. Well done everyone!’

‘Pure pleasure’

‘I love to follow the trails and discover new streets, even though I have lived here nearly twenty years. All the houses are always so welcoming and its wonderful to be introduced to local artists I didn’t already know. Such a great community.’

ONCA  Open House (photo: Syl Ojalla)

‘Witnessing people’s creative journeys and feeling inspired by them.’

‘The most fab and inspiring way to experience art’

‘Everything – the art, meeting the artist, her daughter and their Guinea pigs in the garden. They were so welcoming to us, and our daughter loved doing colouring at their kitchen table and meeting the Guinea pigs!’

‘The variety, the sheer talent, the unexpected, the people and the love of art in Brighton.’

‘Excellent way to meet local artists and people from around the world.’

‘It was stimulating, inspiring and joyful. I wish I could spend all my weekends being treated to such a wealth of talent.’

 Sarah Arnett Open House (photo: Syl Ojalla)

So many talented artists in Brighton, I’m from rural west Wales where this Artists Open Houses isn’t a thing. We’ve seen so much wonderful art and I’m loving Brighton more and more because of it!’

‘Open houses give life to residential areas and enhance the sense of community around them. They inspire people that do not normally frequent art galleries or the like.’

‘New ideas and supporting culture in Brighton’

‘I love the opportunity to meet the artists.  I come down from London every year and wouldn’t miss it.  There are so many amazing artists and if it wasn’t for AOH I wouldn’t have so many beautiful things in my home.’

Art in Bloom Open House (photo: Syl Ojalla)

‘Marvellous institution which I personally know needs a lot of hard work by the organisers and artists to bring together and execute to such a high standard. Part of the fabric of Brighton and Hove and long may it continue to suprise and prosper!

Thank you to all our artists, makers and visitors for making this May’s Artists Open Houses such a truly wonderful festival!
Have a great summer. See you next year!