You tell us about why you loved your favourite Open Houses

Winner of The Open House of the Year Award  –  The Dog Show Open House

We asked visitors to the Artists Open Houses to tell us what they liked best about their favourite Open House:

There was a friendly atmosphere where you can find dog related art from lots of artists. Dogs are welcome, lovely tea and cakes offered. A beautiful house ,very well laid out.

Portland Place Open House

A very warm welcome to a beautiful studio. The quality of the creations is amazing – great variety of media and pictures, wonderfully imaginative ideas, bright and bold colours, very knowledgeable and enthusiastic artists. This is top class art. Many congratulations and thanks for allowing us to explore your studio and admire all your work.

Artist was ABSOLUTELY lovely ! Had a great chat about his process. It turned out we actually own two of his pieces already! And the Brighton-themed packing paper gift was cherry on top of this lovely visit :)

This is the Seventh Wave exhibition –  at The Regency Town House

Bright and brash colours, pastels then black and white and finally a striking installation. Another fantastic exhibition by Encounters illustrating a variety of artwork styles and materials, my favourite being in the final room with the the complex work by Simon Page, titled ‘The Colours of Spring’. This year each art work was accompanied by a Poem written and spoken by a complementary Artist, enriching the overall experience. Bravo Encounters! Every year the art at Encounters never disappoints. Its the most innovative and inclusive open houses that I always have please to visit. The curator has this ability to mesmerise their audience year after year!

The ambience, poetry with art concept and rico food in the garden!

Everything was different but all felt like it had a story and was created from the heart.

Friendly and multi-cultural house filled with high-standard and diverse work with very interesting curation theme. Many activities and amenities to enjoy during the visit.

Gorgeous location, helped me to discover new artists and makers alongside seeing some of my favourites. Also inspired me a lot. Considering taking a ceramics course now and left with some beautiful pieces


Adelaide Studio Open house

Great art, but most of all, a great way to connect the city’s mental health services with the community.

I think it’s a great venue that supports and encourages people with mental health challenges and illnesses to be a part of a great project – open house. The engagement is such a huge part to someone’s life giving people something to take action on when they might feel like they have nothing. The place has presented the work beautifully too!

Immersive experience –  life as art, art as life!

It was a very lovely mix of artists, from underwater photography to stone carving to wood prints and some amazing ‘pavement paintings’. The layout of work and the artists were very lovely too

It was like walking into a painting. Immersed in vibrant colours, textures and exquisite art.

Cecil Rice Open House

It’s an immersive experience, like no other.

It’s the layout within a living environment that works for me – always beautiful

Seeing two open studios and the processes behind the work. Also videos showing the process in the studios.

Small, beautiful and embodies the spirit of the origins of the AOH – someone’s home filled with lovely things.

Stunning art is everywhere the house is a piece of art.

Cats Creep Open House

The Phoenix Art Space was phenomenal and opened my eyes to how Brighton is thriving as a city of artists. 100 studios with 30 or so professional artists opening up. The work ranged from highly accomplished traditional figurative art to technology based media, sculpture, pottery, abstract art, graphics, photography and every other genre in between. There wasn’t one studio that I didn’t think was of high quality, and the artists were fascinating to speak with. I only caught a glimpse really – next year I hope to spend a whole day just at the Phoenix.

A well run, friendly house with thought-provoking themes. Especially liked The Anti Art, a Visual Discourse on Transience, which did interesting things with familiar subjects.

The anti-art, a visual discourse on transience. It was very touching

Broken Glass at Mid Street Lab Open House

The anti-art: a visual discourse on transience was one of the most thought-provoking exhibition I seen. Works like the Deforestation and NHS cut were impactful.

The artwork and curation was absolutely beautiful. Better than any gallery, and the theme of poetry colliding with art was brilliant and so interesting

Adelaide Studio Open House

The anti-art: a visual discourse on transience was one of the most thought-provoking exhibition I seen. Works like the Deforestation and NHS cut were impactful.

The short film compilation and the ‘Meet the Artist’ videos.

This a fantastic service which helps recovery through creativity!

Variety and standard of work – also very friendly house with an amazing cat too!

The Print House Open House

Very welcoming in a calm peaceful and friendly atmosphere. Entertainment excelled by an amazing pianist quietly playing in the background whilst being able to view various talents – Often accompanied by an explanation of the origins of the work. Very child friendly with a number of activities available at no extra cost – and fabulous cake!

Very welcoming, friendly, interesting and wonderfully talented multi disciplinary artist (of course with classic artist humility!) doing a one man show. For me this captures the essence of the open houses more than the multi-artist houses.

Abstract Will Open House

Well organised house. Abstract Will’s paintings are fantastic and video showing him working very instructive. Fine wood carvings. Lovely tea and cake.

The artwork is so beautifully curated. We felt instantly relaxed and loved talking to Stan about his ceramics and learning about the making process. Every piece of work was simply stunning and it all works so well together. ‘Hygge’ is the perfect name for this venue.

Hygge Open House

All photos: Syl Ojalla @brighton_photography_studio.