You tell us what you liked best in this year’s AOH festival!

Portland Place – Kemptown Trail 

Visitors to this May’s AOH festival tell us what they liked best about this year’s Open Houses:

I liked exploring Brighton and Hove, discovering new areas and seeing talented people and their work. A lovely way of connecting with the creative community, meeting new people and, on sunny days, those with gardens are such lovely places to relax on your own or with a friend. Love having such a vibrant and welcoming festival that provides so much joy, moments of creative calm and leaves you feeling inspired and energised.

Ella Berthoud – Hurstpierpoint trail 

A glimpse into the creative spaces of people creating such a broad variety of work. It’s incredibly inspiring. A great Brighton tradition!

A great chance to view, and purchase a wide range of “real” original art works and meeting the artists can bring another dimension to the art. Love it.

Always a joy to see the amount of contemporary art and illustration that resides in Brighton. Just wish there was a greater overall museum / gallery presence in the city.

I love the art, passion, hard work and boundless creativity, as well as peeking into neighbours homes. Friendly and welcoming hosts and artists providing a rich cultural experience that only quirky Brighton and Hove can deliver. Also the additional workshops and events

Being able to chat with the artists about their motivations and what inspires them, the techniques they use etc. And being immersed in art for a whole month.

Regency Town House – Brunswick Town trail

Buying original unique artwork, directly from artists, connecting with the artists and seeing them at work.

A chance to see different things and get the art work explained and talked through.

The diversity of art and subject matter and hearing about people’s mental health journeys

Finding new artists and looking at all the wonderful art while getting to have a little nose in people’s houses at the same time!

It’s the highlight of the arts calendar!

I like the atmosphere and the happiness when you visit the artists houses

Adelaide Studios – Hove trail

I like to see the wide range of work that emerges from all the artists in Brighton and surounding areas, which every year shows what an inspiring artistic environment we are so lucky to be a part of and embrace.

Discussing the artist’s approach & inspirations

I love seeing all the talent in Brighton, purchasing direct from the artist and getting to meet so many of them. I live in London but come every year for the May and December shows.

I love discussing the artist’s approach & inspirations  – its a great insight into the artist’s practice

It allows artists of different spheres of society to exhibit their art and you get to meet very interesting people from your own community.

It makes me glad to live in Brighton.

Print House – Seven Dials trail

It’s always lovely getting a glimpse into artists’ studio spaces and homes and having a peek behind the curtain of their practice. It’s a rare chance to see exactly what lies behind their work.

It’s an amazing insight into their creativity and where it springs from. It’s food for the soul and I loved it

It’s fun, see new things and brings the community together

It’s the best way to get to know Brighton, the people in it and the little worlds we wouldn’t otherwise see. Just the best!

The Dog Show – Brunswick Town trail

It’s a window of opportunity to see humans sharing their inner creative selves. To be offered a warm welcome into a stranger’s home and then witness their creations is very admirable and a reminder of what community spirit means

Its art, its happiness, its a sense of belonging.

It’s a lovely way to see the city, meet other people and appreciate and support creative artists and makers.

The opportunity to see a lot of different forms of art. It’s really cool!!!!

The multitude of free, abundant art. The personal connection and community feeling going into people’s homes. It’s well organized and on for a whole month!

Hygge- Fiveways trail

It’s a unique opportunity to experience artists’ unique and special working spaces.  Many thanks for organising another great AOH event.

It’s exciting seeing mini worlds that others have created

The format of the Open Houses is fantastic, it brings people together in a friendly and relaxed environment

Seeing art in a relevant setting rather than in a gallery

The variety, and the lack of stultifying reverence you often find in galleries.

Seeing the creativity of Brightons art community

Portland Place – Kemptown Trail 

This was my first time that I joined such a great initiative! I loved everything, so much art and history in so many places. Please keep doing it!

The diverse art and lovely artists you get to meet. A real sense of Brighton community!

The varied works and it’s a free way to while away the afternoons in May whilst getting some exercise (although the cakes and refreshments are tempting too!)

Supporting the art scene, seeing amazing spaces which are normally someone’s home, discovering new artists and being inspired.

The city has so much talent and great that amateur artists are able to share their work with the public.

Regency Town House – Brunswick Town trail

Love it every year ! Great way to support local artists and have a connection with the local art scene  – which otherwise often can seem rather overwhelming or to some level hermetic.

You never know what to expect, it’s like a treasure trail.

What can be achieved in Brighton’s pocket handkerchief-sized backyards is a creative and colourful joy!

The adventure of it, and finding out the creativity in the local community that you wouldn’t usually see. It’s a great place to form connections and build a sense of belonging.

Studio 9 – Independent trail

Thank you all for your wonderful feedback  – we hope you have a great summer and look forward to seeing you again in November!

All photos: Syl Ojalla @brighton_photography_studio.