You tell us what you love about Artists Open Houses!

The Dog Show Open House

We asked AOH visitors to tell us what they liked best about visiting Artists Open Houses:

“I get inspired by the breadth of creativity on display. We have a massive pool of talented artists in our city and surrounding areas. I believe the AOH is the perfect vehicle for promoting art here. Thank you to Ned the power behind the AOH movement.”

Clare Maria Wood Open House 

“I love buying art directly from the artists and enjoy visiting as many homes as possible. The standard is always so high and it a wonderful opportunity to buy art directly from the talented artists. I come every year, from London and most of my art is purchased from the Artists Open Houses.”

Encounters Art Space Open House

“It makes one explore different areas, and brings communities into debate and discussion through stimulating art. It’s wonderful.”

“It’s a great opportunity to see a vast cross-section of art and artists which you wouldn’t normally have the chance to – this is brilliant for our Brighton and Hove communities!”

“It’s a really different and unique experience a lovely thing to do with friends and go for lunch or dinnner afterwards!”

Jomo Hove Open House

“A chance to see artwork in a residential home. Rather than on line, a shop, or a gallery. And a chance to diversify my appreciation of art.. there is so much out there to appreciate.”

“A great way to see different art in different friendly relaxed spaces. I’m also nosey about how other people live!”

“A very cool concept to see into someone else’s world.”

Jomo Hove Open House

“A warm welcome, exciting things to see and a chance to chat to the artists.”

“Apart from getting to see lots of beautiful houses…it sets your imagination alight.”

“Becoming aware of how widespread the love of creativity is, and so much talent and enjoyment.”

Regency Town House Basement

“Been visiting for years and love the whole ethos of sharing space, the huge range of talent, skill and creativity that you can find in just one house and chatting to the artists themselves about their work and inspiration.”

“Buying direct from the makers and getting an insight into how they create their pieces.”

“Encounters Art Space is the best encounter with art and interesting people.”

Encounters Art Space Open House

“Finding inspiration to do my own artwork.”

“The buzz 😍”

“I like marvelling at all the talent that we have in Brighton & Hove and stealing interior design ideas!!”

Patsy McArthur Open House

“I love getting to see so many different types of art all together. It’s great to be able to speak to the artists and hear about their inspirations and methods of work.”

“It’s a fun inspiring and very life affirming experience.”

“It’s the difference between visiting a zoo and going on safari… a chance to meet the artists where they live and work, and get a better insight into the process that produced the pieces on display.”

Carlisle Road Open House

“Meeting the artists, seeing the houses, opportunity to buy something different that’s not on the high street.”

“Not being artistic myself I find meeting artists and seeing their work stimulating and very simply it makes me happy!”

“Realising that we have such interesting people behind the doors in our neighbourhoods.”

Patsy McArthur Open House

“The inclusive nature and being able to see so much current work.”

“The lovely atmosphere and children’s artwork.”

“There are always surprises and you just want the experience to go on and on beyond May weekends. But obviously that is an impossible but nice dream. Well done all!”

“Uniquely Brighton. Love it.”

Encounters Art Space Open House

“Where do I start – from the first seizing of the new brochure, planning where to go, to my final instagram post of the year, it’s a joy. Yes, the houses and gardens are a huge part of it – tea and homemade cake and ‘hello, nice cat!’ Seeing utterly gorgeous original work, chatting with the artists, buying little things and wishing I could have more, pictures (with permission) and sharing where I’ve been. It’s an unmissable twice yearly treat!”


The Dog Show Open House

Image credits: all photos take by Syl Ojalla @brighton_photography_studio