Gill Newton

untitled: common ground - walking drawing - detail 2018

In pursuit of an inner preoccupation I explore and respond to place instinctively, noticing and gathering organic or mundane objects and discarded materials on the way – leaf, branch, pallet wood, postcard or used teabag. I see it as a form of note taking to capture a moment or mark an experience

These gathered objects and materials are the foundation for drawings and impermanent balanced assemblages

As a member of Drawing Connections I will be showing a collaborative work with Zita Saffrette – ‘Common Ground’ – a series of ink drawings, some combined in layers, on manual drafting film. I will also be showing collaborate works with Barry Haskins and Zahura Hossain

Drawing Connections was founded in 2015 as a group of artists working collaboratively to extend the medium of drawing. Brighton AOH is the latest in a series of UK and international exhibitions by the group

Studio 93a