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Milton the cat

Adam Bracey

Originally from the Thames Estuary, Adam Bracey graduated from the University of Brighton in 1998. He has taught Art and Photography in colleges, universities and schools around Sussex for over a decade where he has made his permanent home. The Sussex coast serves as the major inspiration for his work and he has never lived far from the sea. Exhibition locations have included Brighton, Lewes, Shoreham, London, Essex and Edinburgh.
Evolving from a more realist ethos, his paintings have become more concerned with the properties of paint than a faithful representation of a subject. The work has a real physical presence, with textures and surfaces that are not easily reproduced when the work is photographed. Although abstract in nature his work makes direct reference to real locations. The landscape is ever changing, altered by erosion and sediment, light and season. The paintings aim to reflect these natural processes.
​Recent paintings inspire by the Cornish landscape experiment with the re introduction of a figurative presence in the work.

Adam’s paintings inspired by the Purbeck and Wight landscapes as much about objects recovered from the sea as the terrain itself. Shell casings, abandoned military vehicles and military artillery casings in the Lulworth range are juxtaposed against areas of outstanding natural beauty. The landscape oxidises metal and buries foreign objects settling them into the earth. The Jurassic coast offers a wealth of inspiration from fossil gathering expeditions to Yaverland on the Isle of Wight to admiring wooden dinghies in Cowes.

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