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Annie Kerr

I design and make handmade books, artist books and work inspired by book forms, made in small batches, limited editions or as one-off commissions. I have many happy customers who have ordered books from me.

I make pocketbooks which really do fit into a jeans pocket, ready for your own sketches, writings, collage, long rambling sentences and flights of fancy. Tested out on my own walking, writing and sketching trips, they are subjected to the wind and weather, being stuffed into a rucksack, the scratchings of twig pens and brushes made from found objects. They are made from high quality, beautiful and tactile artist’s quality materials.

In May 2018, I will also be showing my artwork for the first time and will have a selection of work in mounts and in frames on display. Walking with a sketchbook in my pocket makes for my best kind of day. Out in the field, I use ink, twig pens, pastels and watercolour and enjoy letting pages take a dip in the stream or drag wet ink with found sheep wool and seed heads. I like to make panoramic sketches on long format pages or in my own handmade concertina sketchbooks, sometimes adding written text as an integral part of the pieces. At my work table, I might add collage, acrylics and more pastels, but my aim is always to try to keep some of the spontaneity of the first sketches.

After the success of my first open house show in Kemptown last year, I will be showing my work at Percival Mansions Art House in May 2018, where I’m delighted to be showing my work alongside 8 other artists and makers in a stunning room that overlooks the seafront. It’s always great to see people picking up and talking about my work, so I look forward to seeing you during this year’s festival.

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