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Carolyn Genders


Carolyn Genders is an established studio ceramist based in the UK. She is well known for her individual hand-built sculptural vessels and forms in white earthenware with surfaces of painted vitreous slips and burnished terra sigillata.

Inspired by the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi-sabi, Carolyn plays with asymmetry, imperfection and balance when creating her work. Abstracted imagery weaves around her ceramic forms, uniting Carolyn’s love of the physicality of working with clay with a passion for painting.

In 2015 Carolyn moved to the south coast. She works in a light-filled studio with a glazed wall looking out over the roofs to the sea and the ever-changing sky of infinite horizon. This change of environment has subtly but significantly altered her work.

Carolyn exhibits internationally and her work is represented widely in private and public collections. She is a Fellow of the Craft Potters Association.

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