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Colin D. Rayne

Colin Rayne’s early  life included the study and copying of ‘Old Master Paintings’ which have strongly influenced his whole creative life. He did a brief apprenticeship in electro/ and mechanical engineering and Design Drawing, after school, at the ‘old established ‘Earnest F. Moy Ltd. – Cinematograph Engineers, London. – Despite being an ‘arts person’ Rayne gained considerable experience from this period, which is evident in his creations such as ‘Stonehenge 2000’ for Reception area of The Royal Sussex County Hospital, sponsored by American Express to mark the Millennium;- also a Clock in the configuration of the human brain, for Cambridge University, plus a notable list of Horological commissions for companies and individuals such as Aquatic Ltd (Perrier)  The purchase of a property close to The South Downs in 2000, enabled Rayne to take frequent ‘strolls’ there, and has producing a collection of beautiful framed landscape paintings in oil and acrylic. The combined collection of Rayne’s own work to be seen, includes Landscapes – Clocks – Kinetic Art – Glass Sculpture and Figurative & Constructive Sculpture. It could be said that Rayne’s versatility in the embodiment of four distinct areas of creativity is ‘unrivalled’ ….see for yourself!

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