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Denise Graham

Hello to all.. My name is Denise Graham and I studied Art & Design at St Martin’s School of Art, which has led me to have a career in Prop and Model making. Over the years, I have worked with all Different types of materials. This May 2018 I have chosen to exhibit jewellery and sculptures with bold 80s influence. For my jewellery I drew inspiration from the Memphis Design Movement.

My Collection

I made my collection of lady sculptures about two years ago and are called ‘Women in Pain’

The inspiration I drew upon for my collection comes from my own life and those I’ve seen on the news. I suffer an autoimmune disease that effects my body and my life on a day to day basis. The collection began in 2016, that year is when the whole world saw the mass migration of refugees crossing the Mediterranean. Everyone will remember the photos of the children on the beaches. Seeing those mothers suffering. I saw a different pain, in such a way I can’t imagine.

I chose to use recycled wood for the bodies. To represents my stiffness in movement and the nails to represent the pain deep in my body and joints. The pockets are for so many other reasons, carrying hope, wealth, belonging, family and love.

I hope you enjoy them.


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