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Helen Brown

This year at Aymer House I am showing one of the larges linocut prints I have every made!
I normally like to work in wood, but they didn’t have a piece big enough for this project. The 1m x 1m piece is framed and on display above the fire place.
I also have a wide selection of work in all sizes, both framed, unframed and greeting cards.
All of my prints are made by hand, by myself, at bip-Art Printmaking studio in Kemptown, printed on a press made in 1844.
My prints are small editions, and each one is unique as I use different coloured inks and paper on each one, to express different times of day or year.
I am also showing at Upfunt House, 177 Ditching Road, BN1 6JB and at the studio bip-Art, 1a Arundel Mews, Arundel Place, BN2 1GG.

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