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Joy Moore

presenting a new body of work:
landscapes and flowerscapes

My landscapes are about my response to the colour, space and light in the landscape. My aim is to paint the power and existence of the landscape, not the view of it. I am inspired by the dominance of nature over man, but also the marks that man makes in the landscape. My work is moving towards greater abstraction as I explore the use of symbolic rather than figurative mark making and different ways of applying paint to canvas.

For several years I have also been interested in developing what I would call nature paintings – they are a sort of close up of the detail of the natural environment – rock faces, plants etc. I have always loved the colour and energy of flowers but am not interested in making botanical paintings. Over the last year or two I have developed my representation of the energy I see in nature and moved further into abstraction with a series of work inspired by flowers. I am calling this new work flowerscapes in the same way as I call my images of wider vistas – landscapes.

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