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June Frickleton

June Frickleton trained in Drawing and Painting at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee, where she obtained a BA(Hons) Drawing and painting, she then won a British Council Scholarship to study a Postgrad year at the Academy of Fine Art Budapest and then studied in Barcelona and graduated with an MA in European Fine Art before completing an Arts Management Certificate at the University of Sussex. She is a professional curator as well as a painter and curates the Kings Hill Art project as well as working with other clients including DMH Stallard Solicitors, RSM Accountants and Chestnut Tree House Children’s Hospice ‘Big Heart Auction’.

I use a personal vocabulary to create sumptuous paintings. The paintings have a strong visual impact that is heightened by the use of a reduced palette. The reduction in the colour palatte has been an important factor in the paintings as I wanted to push ways of working with a certain colour or colours without adding in obviously contrasting elements.The paintings are created over a long period of time using a mixture of brush marks and thinned down oil paint washes. I often work on the floor pouring thinned paint in a controlled manner on the canvas. I then pour washes of turpentine over the surface to stain the canvas and build these stains up in layers until the desired image emerges. Working in layers builds up a surface which in certain parts resembles tributaries or veins adding depth and leading the viewer into the painting.

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