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Trevor Loveday

A mark on a piece of paper can be many things. A circle might mean completeness. Or nothing – zero.  Or maybe it’s a letter in an alphabet. Or the eighth element in the periodic table. If it’s in ink it’s probably trying to tell us something. Paint it and perhaps it’s art. Tales of culture, geography, history, literature and science – they’re all there in marks.

And the thing a mark is on has something to say too.  Carved in stone or scribbled on the back of an envelope – both add to the story.

I use the shapes of letters and words and codes and symbols. For me the fascination is in their precisely defined meaning for some – an upper case sigma adds up to a lot for mathematicians – while for others the same mark is meaningless. Add the tendency of words to be loaded with ambiguity and the fun starts.

So I build layers of context to arrest the assumptions and divert the deductions that you might make. I invite you not to read but to see the work and make a history.


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