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‘Reedbed’ Screen print 297 x 400mm. Limited edition of 10 prints

Clare Buckle

My work explores aspects of landscape, including how we alter the landscape through our interactions with it. I use a combination of photography, collage, printmaking and video where landscapes are sometimes represented as they were found, but sometimes constructed from different elements, using a combination of my own photography and open source imagery.

Landscape in some of these works is not quite what it appears on first glance.  A blood moon above a reedbed is the nearby nuclear reactor viewed from above, and distant trees are lines on corrugated sheds at an adjacent business park.

I use the process of collage and printmaking to separate photographs into layers, to manipulate colour, emphasise aspects of shape or surface that I am drawn to, or to add or remove to a sense of reality that can be deceptive.

Clare Buckle was born in County Durham where growing up on the edge of a town, with a factory and industrial units at the end of the street, and being allowed the freedom to wander the local countryside, gave her an acute awareness of transitional spaces between urban and natural landscapes.  After gaining a Graphic Design degree in Bristol, she studied MA Illustration at the Royal College of Art.

Clare works as an artist, illustrator and art educator in mid Sussex.



Media/artform: Print Making
07480 115506 / 01444 242196

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