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9 42, Meaning of Life

42 Windmill Street, Brighton, BN2 0GN

Adam Arbeid will be showing his contemporary marble frescoes, utilising ancient physical materials, including crushed marble, granite and glass, precious metals and ore, and unique, creative lights to create new expressions of otherworldly images.

Adam is captivated by imagery observed through various lenses – ranging from the extraordinary images of cosmic vistas captured by the Hubble telescope and the Cassini space probe; formations honed in upon by satellites of our incredible world and the subterranean environments below; to the imagery captured through microscopes.

We look forward to welcoming you into this world on your voyage to our Hanover Trail house, close to Windmill Street’s Setting Sun pub.

Guest Artists include:

Oriele Steiner
Marley Colborne
Yasmin Kovic
Maggie Arbeid


Archived open house


Satellite of Love
Adam Arbeid

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