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10 At The Coach House

22 Walpole Road, Brighton, BN2 0EA

The Coach House again presents a fabulous variety of artists, makers and creators! From unique upcycled jewellery to creative handmade textiles, etchings, woodcuts, mosaics and paintings. During the festival there will be workshops, talks and happenings, along with tea, cake and jollyment.But first you must venture up this drive!
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Derylie Mountford Etching and woodcuts.
Keri Zerb Unique upcycled jewellery
Margaret Shillan Paintings of light and the sea.
Lucie Sabev/ova Paiting and sculpture
Gemma Textiles Sculptural handmade garments
Scarlet Ostick Painting
Karen Francesca mosaic artist


Archived open house


At The Coach House:
Sarah-Jane Glendinning

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