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12 Hummingbird Studio

107 Havelock Road,Brighton, BN1 8HF

We celebrate 2018 with an exciting collection of work by local artists new to Hummingbird.
Bar’s students have been inspired by the wealth of inspiration found in Brighton, creating a colourful show of their paintings.

Bar Spurr Land and seascape paintings and prints
Bebe Bird Pottery and coastal sculptures
Jane Abbot Slabbed clay forms enriched with inlaid colour
Joanna Sancha Woven, coiled, twined willow, bark, jute, sisal and other materials.
Vanessa Pease Silver jewellery with semi precious stones
Arron Scott Carved and sculpted wood animal forms capturing motion
Debbie Hinks Figurative drawings and prints from life
MandyMeeU Silver keepsakes

Archived open house


Atomic Pavilion
Andy Pickford

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