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13 Peggy Poppleton & Friends

20 West Hill Road, Brighton, BN13RT

Carefully curated, reliably colourful and with a dash of glamour, pop into Peggy’s to enjoy the work of some of Sussex’s finest artists and designers.

Peggy Poppleton  Jewellery
Patrick Edgeley  Screenprints
Emily Warren  Papier-mâché animal heads
Samantha Stas  Textiles and illustration
Holly M  Leather bags and accessories
Sophie Darling  Hand printed scarves and accessories
Ken Eardley  Ceramics
Vivienne Ridley  Jewellery
Mibo  Kids gifts
Anneli Sandström  Painting
Lisa Jones Studio Cards and prints
Penelope Kenny  Screenprints





Archived open house


Tree of Modified Life
Penelope Kenny

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