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33 Sillwood Road,Brighton, BN1 2LE

It’s the Year of the Dog
Sally Muir Dog portraits
Felted Fido Felted dogs
Lorraine Corrigan Papier mache dogs
Robin Parker Wire dogs
The Enlightened Hound Hand-made prints
Bridget Baker Wire dogs
Holy Smoke Linen dogs
Katharine Pollen Dog mugs
Joanna Osborne Dog sculpture
Ian Mowforth Lino cuts
Electric Daisy Flower Farm Floral dogs
Jeni Wood  Paper dogs

If you love dogs, you will love this house.

Special events:
19th May:  Sally Muir – On the spot dog drawing
20th May:  The Real Dog Show
26th May:  Alma Haser – Dog photobooth.

Booking essential – see website or phone.


Archived open house


Sally Muir

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