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4 The House of Rayne

68 Northwood Avenue, Saltdean, BN2 8RG

The House of Rayne is situated very close to Telscombe Tye, one of the few parts of  The South Downs, West of Seaford, where the Downs meet the sea, uninterrupted by development. Established in the year 2000, Colin Rayne exhibits his paintings in oil and acrylic influenced by The Downs, figurative and constructive sculpture, glass sculpture (stained glass over silver glass), kinetic art (art with movement) and horological sculpture (clocks) – including the notable Stonehenge 2000 Clock, sponsored by American Express, which will be exhibited at the British Horological Institute, Nottingham, in the future.

Other commissioned work may be seen by visiting The House of Rayne website.  Most artifacts are for sale, with prices displayed both in the gallery and on the website, with some prices negotiable. This large and versatile body of work has been created over the last 25 years. Visitors may convey an idea, and have it developed as a ‘mock-up’ prior to commission. Online Catalogue and PDF download available and paper version on site.

There is seating both inside and on the front patio overlooking The Downs. There is car parking both ‘frontage’ and off road, with refreshments and cloakroom also available. Light classical music will be piped throughout the exhibition.

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Stonehenge 2000 Clock:
Colin D. Rayne

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