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SIDIMO Jewellery- Silvia Diaz

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I’m the maker and designer behind my brand SIDIMO. The name comes from my own name, Silvia Diaz Moreno.

Although living in England since 2014, I’m originally from the beautiful region of Andalusia in the South of Spain. Some of my favourite places in the world are here. They are a never-ending source of inspiration for all of my jewellery making.

After working in the corporate world for over 15 years, I just felt like I needed to do something different in my life. To now be making my own way and feeling the freedom and satisfaction of doing something that I really love is truly life changing. I have always dreamt of doing something more creative, but I just needed to find my real passion.

From dabbling with jewellery as a self-taught hobbyist, my desire for more knowledge led to the London Jewellery Academy. The skills and techniques I’ve developed there have really led me to where I am now. And so launching my own brand and jewellery collection is the next step in this crazy journey!


My designs often take inspiration from my native country and my travels, with its abundance of style, culture, life and colours. I’m also hugely inspired by observing people: those that are in my life, the ones that I meet, and some that I simply pass by in the street.

Although my own personality and lifestyle are reflected in my creations, I also like to think about the person that might choose my jewellery. Perhaps they identify with my style or maybe it’s for the love of buying and wearing something special, unique and creative.

I’m passionate about the whole hand-made jewellery process and I use materials ethically sourced and sustainable where possible. I hope that you enjoy my collection. Xx

Archived open house
 4 spiral bands ring and granulates. The ring is handmade in sterling silver. Hammered texture and granulates have randomly been soldered to the bands. Oxidation technique applied to the ring that gives a boho-vintage style to the design and it makes the ring more unique and special. There are many ways to find inspiration for making my designs, such people life and style, nature, organics forms and my travels apart from my own style that it's brought onto my pieces. The rings is inspired by the style of a very good friend of mine that made me thing of something unique and special and simple at the same time.

Volcano ring
Statement ring/ SIDIMO Handmade Jewellery Design

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