Number Ten

Number Ten once again opens its elegant front door to a treasure trove of fine art and prints, textiles, jewellery and decorative items. Unique handmade cards, books and boxes as well as specially selected Vintage items will also be on display (and for sale) in this quirky Regency Apartment.

Su Billington Artist-made books and boxes
Sylvie Howitt Papercuts
Lizzie Lee Eco lighting
Cassandra Whitfield Textile art and fashion accessories
Rachel Heavens Illustration
Suzie Waters Handmade jewellery
Jessica Christie-Miller Feather designs
Penny Payne Painting
Matthew Burns Painting
Julie Kuyath Collage assemblage
Janie Ranger Painting and collage

  • Card Payment Facility
Directions: Ground floor flat on the left hand side of Palmeira Square as you face the sea.
07816 922 979
Florabundum 75: Janie Ranger