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17 Adelaide Artists

9 Adelaide Crescent, Hove,, BN3 2JE

Adelaide Artists invite you into their quirky winter wonderland emporium. Over twenty artists and world-class Saturday supper clubs to herald Christmas.

Julie Devine Painting, DJ, food and creative spaces
John Barnes Felted collages, prints and greetings cards
Beksie’s Bumbags Sparkly bumbags
Wendy Arnold Dean Mosaic
Regine De La Hey Jewellery
Vanessa Conyers Ceramics
Mark Dougal Sculptural figures
Dare Cullen Jones Painting
Dijon Hierlehy Light paintings
State of Disarray Festival fashion
Henri Tathum Fab shirts, banners and bunting
Leopardskin Bunny Furry fashion
Kristin Watt Bonar Ceramics
Milly Welby Sculpture
Tom Hallifax Painting, prints and food
Tam Manvell Photography, watercolours and food
Sephie Deacon Food
Juno organic skincare
Linda Clifford Hoop skirts & dresses
Rosie Emerson Hand finished prints & painting

Please call Julie (details below) for further information.
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Tea set:
Vanessa Conyers

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