35 Katherine Richards Art Gallery

Katherine Richards Art Gallery, 111 Portland Road, Hove, BN3 5DP

Anna Macdonald Painting
Nigel Sharman Painting
Rachel Holian Ceramics
Susan Keshet Painting
Liz Tiranti Mosaic
Tim Bates Sculpture
Katherine Richards Sculpture
Phoebe Boddy Painting
Alvaro Tamarit Mixed media

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  • New open house
  • Refreshments
  • Garden open
  • Easy parking
  • Card Payment Facility
  • Tap water refill available

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Katherine Richards Art Gallery, 111 Portland Road, Hove, BN3 5DP
This is a large painting, 160 x 130 cm. a black and white grid with vibrantly yellow lemons painted with energised brushstrokes; infused with a bold use of colour and form                                                                                use of colour and form.

Bunch of Lemons on White
Phoebe Boddy

Large outdoor mosaic, exotic, middle eastern looking vessel piece. A multitude of vibrant colours, predominantly orange.

LIz Tiranti

Tiny white porcelain vessels on a porcelain slab. Rachel works in black, grey and white porcelain

Porcelain Vessel Set
Rachel Holian

A mixed media piece on wood. Quirky houses painted pink with sacks of food being hoisted up. Playful

The House of Food
Alvaro Tamarit

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