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39 11 Rugby Road

11 Rugby Road,Brighton, BN1 6EB
Placed in the top three Best Open Houses in May, 11 Rugby Road returns transformed! A forest of Christmas trees festooned with decorations fills the lounge (every inch of space is cleverly used). Explore the installation-like displays and discover illustrations, unique cards and custom baubles, exquisite silver jewellery, ceramic flowers and crochet sprouts! Let the inviting glow of ceramic crunkle light welcome you out of the cold and share a mulled wine in the treat filled kitchen. Adam Johnson Unglazed porcelain Dan Mackey Graphic design and gifts Pauline Anne Stained glass Quartz & All Quartz jewellery Poppy and Pearl Floral silver jewellery Superstar Arts Adults with learning disabilities Janine Mackey Crochet cuteness
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11 Rugby Road,Brighton, BN1 6EB


Personalised Baubles with Crunkles

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