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10 9A Hove Place

9A Hove Place,Hove, BN3 2RG
Welcome! We will be showing inspiring work by: Eric Astoul Ceramics Bridget Bailey Textiles Daniel Boyle Ceramics Nic Collins Ceramics Robert Cooper Ceramics Dalloun Ceramics Carolyn Genders Ceramics Anne de Geus Painting Barbara Gittings Ceramics Ian Gregory Sculpture Sam Hall Ceramics Peter Hayes Sculpture Mari Anne K Karpas Painting Walter Keeler Ceramics Jack Kenny Ceramics Sandy Lockwood Ceramics John Maltby Sculpture Ann Gunn Moe Levete Jewellery Sabine Nemet  Ceramics Tim Patrick Painting Martin Pearce Ceramics Tim Plunkett Wood turning Michael Rees Painting Tamar Rose Ceramics Yuta Segawa Ceramics Alex Shimwell Ceramics Amanda Wallwork Painting Plus other guest artists Open weekends and other times by appointment, please call.          
Archived open house


9A Hove Place,Hove, BN3 2RG


Mermaid on Wall’ sculpture by John Maltby Photo taken by Mike Daniels

Mermaid on Wall:
John Maltby (photo Mike Daniels)

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