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23 9A Hove Place

9A Hove Place, Hove, BN3 2RG

Beverley Bell Hughes
Daniel Boyle
Nic Collins
Dalloun (France)
Robert Cooper
Rosalie Dodds
Barbara Gittings
Sam Hall
Walter Keeler
Rodney Lawrence
Sabine Nemet
Elizabeth Raeburn
David Roberts
Yuta Segawa
Lara de Sio (Italy)
Pat Southwood
Peter Sparrey
Georges Sybesma (France)
Matt Waite
Peter Wills
Gilles Le Corre

John Maltby
Ian Gregory
Peter Hayes

Amanda Ray
Elsiem Jewellery

Tim Plunkett

John Brokenshire
MariAnne K Karpas
Tim Patrick
Michael Rees
Amanda Wallwork

Plus guest artists.

Open on other days by appointment

Type of venue:



  • Refreshments
  • Card Payment Facility
Archived open house


9A Hove Place, Hove, BN3 2RG

Salt-Glazed Ionic Tea Pots
Walter Keeler

King With Earrings
John Maltby

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