Introducing AOH’s new sponsor: Katherine Richards Art Gallery

Katherine Richards Art Gallery – Collection One display


Artists Open Houses is delighted that Katherine Richards Art Gallery will be sponsoring AOH in 2022. We talk to Katherine Richards:

Hi Katherine, would you like to tell us about Katherine Richards Art Gallery and how it came into being?
I have been running my interior design consultancy for many years and have seen how important home surroundings are for my clients. Opening an art gallery has been what I feel is a natural progression and blending of aesthetics. Since opening I notice the joy on people’s faces when they see the wonderful palette of colours I have curated and how they appreciate the difference beautiful (and affordable) art can make to their home

I look forward to talking to people about their spaces and helping them decide on the best pieces. I will be offering a complimentary home consultation to anyone who can’t work out where to place the piece they have chosen.

Katherine Richards


It’s interesting how your interior design consultancy work and curatorial skills interact and enhance one another– would you like to tell us about your background experiences and influences in this?
Curation is something I have enjoyed for a long time. I worked in the theatre as a stage (and costume) designer and visualising spaces, justifying the placement of objects and maximising the effects of arrangements was and is still something that brings me joy. Of course, in my interior design work I am constantly placing and designing spaces so the gallery curation is really an extension of that. I think it is helpful to the viewer to see how (sometimes surprising) combinations of pieces can sit comfortably together.

Katherine Richards Art Gallery – Collection One front display


You are taking part in the AOH Winter festival for the first time this year. As part of this, you have a new exhibition starting this Saturday, 11 December; would you like to give us a brief preview outline of what we will be able to see in the show and how your artists were selected?
Collection Two will see a deeper, calmer palette of colours. The artworks are quiet, in contrast to the vibrant energy of Collection One. With winter upon us, I wanted to change the mood. The colours will be dominated by the work of Nigel Sharman who uses striking cobalt blues with deep terracotta tones. In addition, his figurative still life paintings are serene using cool, pastel tones.

In total there will be 9 artists on show. All of them are highly skilled and bring an interesting dimension to the gallery, but all will be calm and peaceful.Some of the artists are people I knew before and some I have met through art fairs.


Nigel Sharman – Spring Moorings


You believe in making buying art easy and accessible to everyone. Would you like to tell us about the Own Art scheme you offer?
Own Art is a scheme funded by the Arts Council which allows collectors to purchase art in 10 interest free instalments (Ts & Cs apply). I think it’s a brilliant way of making the purchase of a piece of art, which might seem expensive and unachievable, affordable to many people. I know what it’s like to fall in love with something in a gallery and then feel disillusioned and put off by the cost, believing that buying art is only for the rich. In fact, it really isn’t. This scheme means you can become a collector if you wish.

Christopher King – wooden bird sculptures


We are really excited you will be sponsoring Artists Open Houses in our celebratory 40th year, especially through offering a bursary to support an exhibition of work by young and emerging artists. Would you like to tell what this means to you and maybe something about your involvement with the show?

I wanted to be part of a project which supports young people who are interested in art. Being a creative all my life has been key to keeping my soul alive and I have been very fortunate to have had opportunities to make and create whatever I have wanted. I realise this isn’t so easy for so many, so I welcome the opportunity to mentor / support or give my time in other ways.

Being free to express oneself through art is critical, so if I can play even a small part in someone’s life in making that possible I’ll be very happy. I’m looking forward to the coming year and to see what the bursary support will bring.



You can visit Katherine Richards Art Gallery, as part of the AOH Winter festival at:
Katherine Richards Art Gallery, 111 Portland Road, Hove, BN3 5DP


Nigel Sharman – Still Life with Carafe and Pears