It ain’t over ’til it’s over!

It’s been one crazy May in Brighton & Hove. Theatre, dance, music and art have invaded and invigorated the city. Sadly, it will soon be time to take down the bunting and the bright blue posters featuring Marion Brandis’ cheeky seagulls will disappear.  Don’t despair, there is still one more weekend to see some great art through out the city as the Artists Open Houses Festival continues. Grab the brochure or download it from our website line and plan out your visits for the weekend. Be adventurous— go to  a different part of town, hop on a bus and see where you land, or just see where the wind takes you.  There are open houses everywhere. But if you are still not sure where to begin – here are a few last recommendations for this final weekend.

Step through the archway into wondrous garden at House of Mander — #6 Fiveways — 1 Florence Rd. home to the Daemonwain Theatre, where artist and performer Brian Mander recites poetry by Auden, Eliot and Yeates, as part of Drowned Voices Rise, a sculptural installation making reference to the current experiences of many child migrants. It is a really extraordinary experience and one not to be missed.

In a large Victorian house overlooking the park in Preston Park Recovery Centre—#3 Beyond the Level— 18 Preston Park Ave is an

Preston Park Recovery Centre—#3 Beyond the Level— 18 Preston Park Ave

Preston Park Recovery Centre—#3 Beyond the Level— 18 Preston Park Ave

amazing display by clients of the Southdown’s Mental Health Recovery Service. They have extended their Open House for one extra day this weekend – on Saturday, 28 May.

Down on the seafront 229 Studio, The Open Studios and Betty and Friends and The Open Studios— #2, 3 & 4 Central Trail  are all open for bank holiday Monday.  Great work here from the unique ceramics by Mike Moran to Holly Rozier’s soft sculptures.

Hidden behind the walls of Bristol Place is Blackbird and other Sculptures — #20 Independent— Corner of Bristol Gardens/Bristol Place where amongst the beautiful garden, sculpture Hamish Black has created a solid representation of the call of a blackbird.  Read more about it here: or go see for yourself.

It’s the last weekend to take part in the great Open Houses put on by the Artists Open House sponsors.  Still time to pop into ARCH-angel Architects—#12 Kemptown— 121 Freshfield Rd and see how that interactive tape piece is progressing. It will be the last chance to see the Mercury Room at MyHotel transformed for the Brighton gARTen—#11 Central Trail— 17 Jubilee St, a magical indoor garden created by by street artist Hannah Adamaszek. Sponsor Lawrence Art Supplies in Portland Road have opened their artists studio at Lawrence Art Studio–#15 West Hove–16 Kingsthorpe Rd – tutors and friends have

Aymer Arts—#10 West Hove—1 Aymer Rd

Aymer Arts—#10 West Hove—1 Aymer Rd

great display of visual works including sculpture, books, encaustic painting and digital montage.  Tutors from the studio put on demos daily.

West Hove has some fantastic houses to see including Aymer Arts—#10 West Hove—1 Aymer Rd featuring an eclectic collection of art, ceramics, jewellery and textiles. Emma Stanton works magic with semi precious stones to create unique jewellery pieces and Lisa Green’s landscapes are gentle documents of our environment. For delicious fun get to Art & Indian Tapas—#1 West Hove—17 Worcester Villas:  photography and food —what else do you need?  It’s worth the journey to the gorgeous houses on the West Hove Trail.

Art & Indian Tapas—#1 West Hove—17 Worcester Villas

Art & Indian Tapas—#1 West Hove—17 Worcester Villas

There is so much to see! Thanks so much everyone for taking part – getting out there, chatting with artists and fellow explorers, tweeting your favourites, posting on instagram – it’s all so much fun.  Artists Open Houses will be back in December for the Christmas Festival. Check the blog through out the year for artist profiles, events and projects AOH artists are working on outside the Open House season. In the meantime – support your local artists!

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