Open this and next weekend only


Open Houses open this weekend only (ie 21 & 21):

Woofing Fabulous  Coastal trail, 19th-21st May

Turner Dumbrell Ditchling trail, 20th & 22nd May

Varndean School  Fiveways trail, 20th May

Jo Hathaway and Friends  Fiveways trail, 20th & 21st May

Phoenix Art Space Hanover trail, 20th & 21st May

Faye Bridgewater at the Ballroom  Hanover trail 19th-21st May

Clara Wilkinson Hove trail, 19th-21st May


Open House open this and next weekend  (ie 21 & 22, 27 & 28)

Hove Park School short stay  Independent 20 & 21,  27 & 28 May


Open Houses open final weekend only (ie 27 & 28)

Chris Lewis Coastal trail, 27th & 28th May

Attic  Ditchling trail, 26th-29th May