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Hanover Children’s Craft Trail


As part of Brighton Artists Open Houses, Hanover Arts Trail will be running a fun trail to get kids crafting! Don’t let having a young family put you off from visiting the local Artists Open Houses this May and June. To keep little hands occupied the houses of Hanover will be running a mini craft […]

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Workshops throughout our opening weekends varying on mark making utensils by Suzi Lowe; sketch book and watercolours by David Diplock; creating ceramics with James Foley and oil painting and wood relief art making with Allison Murphy.

Chinese sound art performances

The Ceramic House presents series of performances by Chinese sound artists to accompany the exhibition Emptiness is Form, part of the Interbeing project, a collaborative exploration in ceramics and sound between the UK and China taking place throughout 2021. Starting Wednesday 2nd June and continuing on Wednesdays and Fridays throughout the exhibition. All performances will […]

Environmental Dialogue


The Participative Installation ‘An Extended Ocean of Hope’ is where children and adults can contribute by extending their Hope to our Oceans. Hundreds of Sea Shells collected from Hove beach were arranged by Miladys Parejo as a flow of colour of Hope in an artistic dialogue with the Ocean Champion Installation by Linda Lieberman. Everyone […]

Suzi Lowe Live Painting

Suzi Lowe will be demonstrating her techniques in a live demonstration in the garden at The Coal Hole! Suzi uses a multitude of mark making implements to create her abstract and semi-representational paintings. She will aim to create a new body of work over the course of the day, working across several pieces at the […]

Children participate…


Children are especially welcome in Encounters garden this year. They find the environmental dialogue installations very exciting. The experience is participative. Children can choose their own Colours of Hope and contribute to the Ocean Champion Project, which is dedicated to helping us to develop a caring attitude to the seas that surround us.

Artist Live Demonstrations

Several artists sharing techniques and processes exploring watercolour, acrylic, oil, ceramics and wood relief and printing processes. See Suzi Lowe, James Foley, David Diplock and Allison Murphy in action. Pictures show Allison, David and Suzi.

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