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1 Molly Rouge & Michelle

170 Edward street,Brighton, BN2 0JB

Molly Rouge – a sewing shop owned by designer and dressmaker, Jade – will be open to the public, displaying artwork by two women who care passionately for the environment and enjoy working with bright colours, textiles and embroidery to create statement pieces which carry a message. Common threads are woven into all our lives; textiles protect, warm and embellish us, but here we hope to share how much they can also inspire us.

Jade Williamson Wearable art and mixed media
Michelle Thomasson Mixed media and embroidery

Jade will offer weekly workshops on how to make your own upcycled accessories and Michelle will help any visitors who would like to try some embroidery stitches. Contact us for more info.

Archived open house


Brexit window display
Jade Williamson

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