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9 le Roy Art Gallery

1 Bond Street Cottages, Brighton, BN1 1RP

Le Roy Art Gallery is the world’s first 3D Gallery.
Recently opened and a newcomer for the Artists Open Houses 2019, le Roy Art Gallery is situated in a three storey 1780’s fisherman’s cottage. The building, restored back to its former glory, is an ideal setting for Sara le Roy’s darkly humorous fairy tale painting series 3D Tales.

Old school red/blue 3D glasses need to be worn to see the effect which allows visitors to explore through narrow corridors and stairs at their own pace, to interact with paintings in a whole new way.

le Roy portrays fantasy characters with a twist, Disney but not as we know it. Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Tinkerbell find themselves in the disenchanted here and now, wandering through mental wards, hospitals and crime scenes. Her work can be understood as a gothic, yet modern, psychedelic revision of traditional fairy tales. Gothic pop art plays with love, sexuality, religion and myths. The dwarves use heroin while Ariel walks the streets. The 3D glasses augment this effect; we literally go through the looking glass!

Also on display is le Roy’s new 2D series, Know-Globes. Small-scale intricate oil paintings on aluminium, exploring otherworldly dreams and galaxy species in the 4th dimension, trapped and captured for eternity. As well as original paintings, there are hand-painted prints available on Foamex & Hahnemühle paper.

Sara le Roy is a Dutch artist living and working in Brighton. She has exhibited worldwide, including Aeroplastics Contemporary in Brussels and State-Of -The-Art Gallery in Hong Kong. Nationally, including the Threadneedle Prize & Royal Society of Portrait Painters at the prestigious Mall Galleries, London. Her work is held in private and corporate collections across the world.

le Roy gallery was recently in the press when Hollywood actress Susan Sarandon visited twice to buy prints.

Please join us for drinks and canapés, every day throughout May. Dogs welcome.

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1 Bond Street Cottages, Brighton, BN1 1RP

Black Wolf 3D, Giclee Print on Canvas
Sara le Roy

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing 3D, Oil on Canvas
Sara le Roy

Gallery Alley

le Roy Art Gallery 1st floor

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