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6 Stuart and Mark and Friends

23 Cornwall Gardens, Brighton, BN1 6RH

We are back after a three year break, with a new exhibition space! Our exhibition has a fine art theme with a great variety of work, including ceramics, jewellery, sculpture, mosaic, textiles and basketry, as well as prints, life drawing and photography.

Many of the artists are new to us, so visitors old and new will find much to enjoy. Our well-planted garden is a wildlife haven and will be showing sculpture, ceramics, basketry and textiles.

The resident artists are Stuart J Bullen, artist printmaker; he is also showing hand-made paper and life drawing, and Mark Findlay, photographer. We and the cats look forward to welcoming you!

Jewellery: Oriana Evans, Rowena Park
Ceramics: Chris Murphy, Hilary Stirling, Juliet Walters, Simon Mathews, Jane Abbott
Basketware: Katrina Miller
Print making: Patrick Kennedy, Stuart Bullen
Photography: Mark Findlay
Textiles: Pauline Crook
Mosaic: Sam Samways
Sculpture: Will Spankie

Type of venue:



  • Garden open
  • Easy parking
  • Card Payment Facility
  • Tap water refill available
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23 Cornwall Gardens, Brighton, BN1 6RH

Lunar Eclipse 1
Mark Findlay

Abstract using three colours, by Stuart J Bullen

Stuart J Bullen

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