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6 The Jewellery Workshop

52 Brunswick Street East, Hove, BN3 1AU

Come and discover a true jeweller’s workshop; see jewellers at benches working on their own creations which will be available for purchase; witness use of hand tools, rolling mills and a variety of machinery unique to metalworkers.

Sylvaine Frouin Jewellery and illustration
Marek Machlowski Bespoke fine jewellery
Lizzie Kershaw Jewellery
Ewa Klupczewska Jewellery and illustration

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  • Workshops/demonstrations
  • Card Payment Facility
Archived open house


07586 768280
[email protected]


52 Brunswick Street East, Hove, BN3 1AU

Mask ring, in gold set with diamonds
Sylvaine Frouin and Marek Machlowski

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