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18 New Grounds @ Gallery Lock In

Gallery Lock In, Little Western Street, Hove, BN1 2PU

New Grounds and Gallery Lock In present Body/ Nobody, an exhibition that creates a dialogue between the physical and digital realm. Featuring works from emerging artists working in photography, augmented reality, performance, illustration and print-making, the exhibition will explore the implications of presence, isolation, shared spaces, absence, omnipotence and dissonance.

The subject of collective memory underpins this diverse group of works, confronting the inherent dichotomy of mark making as a tool for recollection. Particularly with the photograph, which marks the absence of the subject it presents, it also holds the potential to cement it in time. Between the physical installation and online gallery, the show will ask if memories can be stored in objects, in lines of code, in traces of what has been left behind and whether we lose these markers in the digital realm where everything is constantly perpetuated as present. Are digital spaces dangerous for collective memory, do they bring us together or push us further apart?

Programmed and curated by Idil Bozkurt (New Grounds) and Beth Troakes (Gallery Lock In) and mentored by AOH ambassador David Shrigley, artists include:

Annie Elliot
Bethan Clarke
Epha Roe
Eva Louisa Jonas
Rebecca Dyer
Joshua Redfearn
Clare Patrick
Kate Shields

Willow Ritchie
Rebeca Gutierrez Fickling
+ Guest artists

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Archived open house


Gallery Lock In, Little Western Street, Hove, BN1 2PU

Clare Patrick

Eva Jonas

Rebecca Gutierrez Fickling

Annie Elliott

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