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23 Bailey Contemporary Arts

46/47 Kings Road Arches, BN1 2LN

Art, Mind & Home 
Art can be meaningful and still match your decor!

Bailey Contemporary Arts is not just another art gallery. We believe that art should be affordable, enhance your state of mind, convey an emotion between creator and purchaser and of course, match your home! You really can have it all and our Art, Mind & Home exhibition, which runs for the duration of this year’s Artists Open Houses Christmas Festival, is especially curated to show just that.

We support new and emerging artists, working across all media, which makes our pieces attractive to collectors and investors, but also means we truly have something for everyone.

A pebble’s throw from the iconic West Pier, facing the sea, Bailey Contemporary Arts provides an inspiring space in which you’ll hopefully find your next favourite artwork, a thoughtful gift or a self indulgent treat.

Peter Spence Abstract, portraits and pointillism
Kirsty Craghill Large scale animal portraits
Richard Marsh Impressionistic and architectural watercolours
Kim Dobson Architectural prints
Joe Gatford Portraits of celebrities
Tiffany Lynch Contemporary botanicals and animals
Chris Greaves Multimedia portraits, skulls and animals
Sarah Holt Embroidery and applique
Tina Tighe Appliqué and recycled materials
Helen Rebecca Ceramics Glazed porcelain vessels
Iveta Goddard White earthenware
Tilnar Recycled metal sculptures
Frederique-Anne Bailey Unique pieces and commissions
Furious Bats Designs Ink and recycled paper
Anna Davis Nudes and commissions
Jasmine Mercer Illustration

Over twenty artists will be on display!

Archived open house


Selected pieces by the exhibiting artists
Clockwise: Peter Spence, FuriousBatsDesigns, Tiffany Lynch, Richard Marsh, Kim Dobson

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