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22 Mews Art Studio

Unit 1, Chapel Mews,,Off Waterloo Street,,Hove,, BN3 1AR

Do come and explore our working Mews Art Studio which will be decorated with a plethora of original art and crafts, affordable gifts, cards and irresistible work. Resident Mews artists with a careful selection of guest artists will make it a special stop on your Xmas trail this year. Pets welcome too!

Kathy Laird Ceramics
Kim Bodycombe Paintings
Elizabeth Anne Norris Jewellery
Alice Carter Ceramics
Sarah Blaydon Ceramics and pottery
Dona Diani-Walsha Jewellery
Linda McVeigh Jewellery
Ruth Barker Jewellery
Ingrid Boucher Sculpture
Maddy Manns Lampshades and scarves
Cao-Hsin Lee Ceramics
May Everett Painting and printmaking
Susana Alonso Ceramics
Nats Welford  Illustrations


Archived open house


Floral Silver Ring:
Elizabeth Anne Norris

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