Judy, Judy, Catriona

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Judy Dwyer, Judy Stevens and Catriona Muir invite you inside their virtual Open House to view curious cats, Russian dolls, goddesses and men…

Catriona Muir: My recent artworks explore my interest in collection, through meaningful decorative objects accumulated at home and on travels. Imagery is explored through drawing, layering, and edited photographs; combining lino, silk screen printing and collage.

Judy Dwyer: My pieces are made with hand-dyed silk velvet, embellished with tin, embroidery, and looped telephone wire to create ‘garments’. Work is presented on plinths, with a supporting background of hand-pierced and painted recycled tin.

Judy Stevens: I work in traditional lino-cut method to produce handprinted limited edition prints, looking at mythologies of hope, despair and unexpected transformation.

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Cat Amongst the Flowers
Judy Dwyer

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