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Kate Scott

Kate lives and works in Brighton, she studied fine art painting BA and printmaking MA in London and Brighton and has shown widely in both places taking part in group shows , most recently last summer, a substantial four artist group exhibition in Cornwall . She also has work in private collections.

Kate has taught fine art and runs workshops and has undertaken commissions and has enjoyed being involved in Artists open Houses the last few years.

This year she is very pleased to be part of The Wolf At The Door in Hove Park Villas with a new body of work.

Kate uses acrylic and other media on canvas , board and paper working organically, led instinctively by colour and using drawing and marks to convey emotion, mood, response to nature and memory, often inspired viscerally by music.

She says “The is often a battle between recklessness and control, natural expression and artificial order, the result being a feeling of balance, as if the images had just come in to being, depicting a world within themselves.”

Recently she has been exploring the relationship between the space above the horizon and the solidity of what exists beneath – both in actuality and pictorially, as well as metaphorically the conscious and the unconscious.

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