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Liza Morton

Full time artist Liza studied at Brighton University, W.M.C.P. in the 90’s. She then had a successful career in teaching before she moved back to Sussex to dedicate her time to her own creative process.

Now she can usually be found in her ceramic studio sculpting animals for the many exhibitions here in Sussex including Artists Open Houses in Brighton and the Lewes Artwave. She likens herself to a magpie, seeking out different and unusual materials to add, texture and layers to her pieces. Taking inspiration from places such as Raystede and walks in and around the seafront here in Brighton.

As a young child she was lucky enough to be surrounded by lots of animals.  She hopes to recreate that sense of wonderment and happiness that animals pass on to us humans. All of her ceramic work is hand built and fired in her own kiln called ‘Bertha’. This year she will have her work on show at ‘Chez Holland’, Holland Road which is part of the Hove Trail.

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