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Zahura Hossain

I am an abstract artist. I paint how I feel. There is always a struggle between rage, rebellion, pain and sorrow, but at the same time I am striving for coherence and harmony. The painting constitutes a palimpsest of multiple feelings and experiences. The act of painting itself is a means of transcending what is felt into a visual pictorial language.

I use all kind of tools including brushes and palate knives, and work in mixed media – dripping, scratching, removing and reapplying paint to get the image I need.

For this exhibition I offer two collaborative works.

With Jill Evans the exhibit is called ‘The Roll’, measuring approx. 10m long x 50cm wide, inspired by the waves and the continuity of the coastal landscape.

With Gill Newton we are presenting two sketch books that we have been posting to each other backwards and forwards every week, making marks and drawing on each other’s work, exploring our boundaries like the waves that constantly overwhelm the pebbles and the rocks on the shoreline before disappearing again.


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