AOH Artists Mid Street Lab – exhibition continues until 21st June

**Mid Street Lab (Kemptown) Shines with Debut Brighton Fringe Award**
Brighton, UK – June 12, 2024 – Mid Street Lab, a vibrant creative hub since December, proudly wins the prestigious Brighton Fringe Exhibition Award with Artist Open House 2024.

“Reflecting on the community’s support, we’re thrilled by this recognition as the exhibition essentially showcases local artworks that break barriers, real or imagined, fostering connection and shaping a future where vision precedes change,” says Jean Wachter, the founder.
**Mid Street Lab’s Spring Show: A Celebration of Altruistic Art and Community Well-being**
Brighton, UK – April 22 to June 21, 2024 – Mid Street Lab proudly presents the Spring Show, a dynamic group exhibition marking World Art Day 2024. This showcase, part of the Brighton Fringe festival and Artist Open House events, exemplifies Mid Street Lab’s mission and ethos to enhance community mental health through the power of positive imagery:
  • Broken Glass’s provocative Pop-Up Conceptual Anti-Art Exhibition from May 16-19 only. Highlighting works like “Deforestation,” “NHS Cuts,” and “Middle Class Soap,” Glass, a Latinx award winning, academic, poet and activist, explores complex themes influenced by working-class roots and post-globalization perspectives, offering a unique artistic discourse. New dates in December 2024.
  • Natalia Jaffe’s Silver Cloud Art features unique, sustainable jewellery crafted from precious and non-precious materials. Inspired by a non-consumerist ethos and ecological background, her work incorporates salvaged gemstones and reclaimed metals, reflecting nature’s ordered chaos and emphasizing connection to the self.
  • Ole Skauge, a Kemptown-based artist, channels Brighton’s essence in vibrant oil paintings with a free hand painting technique, like “The South Downs” and “Beach Hut @ Sea,” evoking peace, joy and a new sense of control over his body. His “Tree of Life” series and Brighton Skyline Triptych reflect resilience, healing, and creativity amid his 19-year battle with HIV.
  • D. Calder’s “A Father’s Look” exhibition explores early fatherhood and personal struggles through transformative tapestries of resilience and growth. From addiction to creative rebirth, Calder’s art inspires hope and new beginnings, complemented by tapestry weaving workshops for hands-on engagement with his narrative.
  • Fama Diouf’s “Trans-Cultural Narrative Expressions” celebrate diversity through afro-centric portraits, reimagining historical figures in contemporary African contexts. Her art fosters a global dialogue on cultural evolution and personal narratives, pushing boundaries and inspiring change.
  • Bo Lucas, a dynamic abstract artist and singer/songwriter, imbues her paintings with childhood nostalgia and spontaneity. Her intuitive style brings movement and narrative to Midstreet Lab’s Spring Show. Experience her live performance and workshops until June 21st, promising an artistic journey into spray painting techniques.
  • Rachel Benjamin‘s art explores the depths of self-discovery and the symbiotic relationship between nature and emotion. Her work, characterized by vibrant brushstrokes and the eerie beauty of forests, invites viewers to connect with their own experiences. Rachel’s art aims to teach, heal, and empower, aligning perfectly with Mid Street Lab’s mission as it encourages us to confront our struggles and find solace in the beauty of resilience. Workshop this summer.

Join us at Mid Street Lab for an immersive art experience that celebrates resilience, creativity, and community well-being. For more information, event details and next season program, visit our website