Brighton & Hove Women’s History Group – request for info

We are a group of historians who research the historic contribution of women and girls to the life and heritage of Brighton and Hove, and encourage others to celebrate women’s history.  Our current research project is on working women of the late 19thand early 20th century.  We have information on our website about some of the women we have discovered.  There you will find women musicians, laundresses, milliners, domestic servants, office workers, and information on the development of the suffrage movement in Brighton and Hove.  Some of our members are also currently researching nurses and midwives.  We are very keen to discover women artists who were working in Brighton and Hove at that time.  If you have any knowledge or information that you think may be of interest, please do get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

To contact Brighton & Hove Women’s History Group:

Email: [email protected]